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 4KW (5KVA) Growatt SPF5000, South Africa

The Growatt SPF5000 series is perfect for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption applications.
It has a pure sine wave output with switchable 50/60Hz frequencies, providing power for every need. SPF5000 can be wired in parallel up to 6 for increasing PV plant size.
Also by adding solar MPPT charger controller will double the PV input power to compatible with larger capacity battery.

Leading - Edge Technology

Local graphical LCD and four buttons
Compact design, 12.5KG@ 470 x 440 x 120 mm
Source priority to charge battery and power load are programmable

Maximum number of units in parallel is up to 6
Suitable for single phase and three phase system
Charging power of solar is increasable by expanding solar MPPT charger controller

Dual MPPT design for more yields
Compatible with lead-acid and lithium battery Support utility grid and generator voltage input

Datasheet_Growatt SPF5000
Growatt inverter south africa Growatt inverter south africa for sale 5kva Growatt inverter south africa
DC input
PV array MPPT voltage range 60-115VDC
Max. PV array open circuit voltage 145VDC
Number of MPP tracker/strings per tracker 2/1
Max. Input power 3500W
Max. solar charge current 70A
AC input
Rated input voltage 230Vac
Input voltage range 170-280Vac (UPS), 90-280Vac (APL)
Max. input voltage 300Vac
Rated input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input frequency range 40-65Hz
Switching time 10ms (U PS) 20ms (APL)
Max. AC charge current 60A
AC output
Rated output power 4KW (5KVA)
Rated output voltage 230VAC (default)/208VAC/240VAC
Rated output frequency 50Hz (default)/60Hz
Surge power 10s (110%-150%) 5s (150%-200%)
Battery type Lithium/Lead-acid
Rated voltage 48VDC
Voltage range 46.4-57.4V/38.4-60V
Max. charging current 130A
Max. charging voltage 57.4V
Max. efficiency 94.00%
Standby power consumption 2W
Overvoltage protection Yes
Under voltage protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Output short circuit protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
General Data
Dimension (D*W"H ) in mm 470*440"120
Weight 12.5kg
Noise emission cL48dB
Operating temperature range 0°C -, 55°C
Storage temperature range -15°C + 60°C
Humidity 5-90 %( non-condensing)
Attitude 2000 m
Communication interface RS232/RF/3G/Wi-Fi
Warranty 2 years







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