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We are suppliers of PV solar products, including; CNBM panels, JA panels, Canadian solar panels, Epever charge controllers, Growatt power inverters, Synapse or Axpert King Hybrid inverters Allgrand AGM-VRLA deep cycle solar Batteries, Pylon and Dyness lithium batteries and LED tube lightning for all your on grid or off grid needs in South Africa. Power up your home, farmhouse, warehouse, factory or office block with CNBM Solar Panels and a Hybrid Growatt inverter and start saving money. Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM 5kVA/5kW Hybrid Inverter South Africa

Looking for solar camping kit in South Africa for your camping setup?  Then you’ve come to the right place.folding solar camping kits south africa  
folding solar panels for camping South Africa
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Growatt solar inverter South Africa

Solar Panel Energy has designed high quality and complete Solar Kits for camping that are ready to go, you’ll be able to run your fridge, play music, charge your phone, power your lights and camera with our foldable solar panels solutions.

* Solar Panels for Camping in South Africa
* Made in South Africa
* High Performance poly solar Cells
* Adjustable support legs – change the inclination of the solar panels to maximize power output from direct sun exposure.
* Sturdy aluminium frame, tempered glass
* Canvas Bag -  Ripblock 400, Color: Olive
* 6.0mm Red & Black Solar wire in heat shrinks tubing
* Battery Clamps
* Solar controller

Relax in the shade while your foldable solar panel camping kit sits in the sun to charge your batteries!
The portable solar panel for camping is a perfect starter system for weekend excursions in an caravan or 4 x 4 or for using as a backup or emergency power source.
When you arrive at your camping destination, the portable folding solar panel kit set up process takes less than 4 minutes.

SP ENERGY (PTY) LTD is an South African company manufacturing an South African product with the absolute highest quality materials available.
Truly a cut above the rest, our panels are design and crafted right here in Vandrbijlpark, South Africa. Shop Online by browsing our range of Solar panels and Camping Solar Panels or visit us Instore.
Our foldable solar panels for camping are perfect for camping in any location or situation around South Africa

















































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