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Product Name: Deye 50kw 3 phase hybrid inverter.

This high-capacity, 50KW inverter, is built to last. The Deye 50KW hybrid inverter integrates advanced technology. Notably, it stands as one of the best 3 phase hybrid solar inverters available in South Africa.

This 3 phase inverter for sale facilitates efficient energy conversion. Moreover, it allows for seamless switching between solar and grid power. Consequently, it ensures uninterrupted power. Furthermore, as a hybrid 3 phase inverter, it gives you the flexibility to use grid power or stored energy. Therefore, this offers significant savings on electricity bills. In contrast to other inverters on the market, the Deye 50KW offers top-tier performance, durability, and reliability. In conclusion, this unit is a valued investment for any energy-conscious consumer.

The Deye 50kW 3-phase hybrid inverter is a robust and multi-functional device. It's crafted for renewable energy systems, merging solar and battery inverters for an integrated experience.

Key features of the Deye 50kW 3-phase hybrid inverter include:

1.  Power Output: This 50kW inverter is designed for large residential or commercial settings. It guarantees reliable and efficient power conversion for optimal performance.
2.  Three-Phase Compatibility: Specifically made for three-phase electrical systems. It evenly distributes power across all phases, assuring balanced loads, and secure operation.
3.  Hybrid Functionality: The inverter supports grid-tied and off-grid modes. It synchronizes with the grid, selling surplus solar power. Alternatively, it utilizes solar and battery power for independent operation.
4.  Battery Compatibility: Compatible with various battery technologies. It stores excess daytime solar energy for use during low sunlight periods, enhancing self-consumption and reducing grid reliance.
5.  Monitoring and Control: Advanced monitoring and control are available. Monitor the inverter's performance, energy production, battery status, and system efficiency via an easy interface or mobile app.
6.  Safety Features: Integrates multiple safety features, including overvoltage and overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature monitoring. It conforms to mandatory industry standards for safety and reliability.

In short, the Deye 50kW 3-phase hybrid inverter is a comprehensive solution for integrating solar power and energy storage in sizable settings. Its high output, hybrid features, and advanced monitoring make it a reliable option for maximizing energy efficiency and reducing grid reliance.



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