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An easy, no-tool attachment of the module to the strut or rail.  The PowAR Snap is a framed solar module attachment clip that simply slides onto the module frame and snaps into channeled strut or aluminum rail.

Solar panel Assembly
The PowAR Snap 90B makes attaching solar assemblies quick, easy and secure.  It allows for pre-assembly and the attachment of solar modules to channeled strut or aluminum rail in seconds.

The PowAR Snap only takes two steps to install and attach:
1) The PowAR Snap securely slips into place on the module
2) The module with the attached 90B snaps into strut with only the weight of the solar module

The PowAR Snap® 90B is a one-piece attachment clip for framed solar modules that simply snaps into a standard channeled strut rail, delivering a fast, easy installation and lowering overall installation costs. The clip provides numerous benefits which led to it being chosen by Push Energy, among them the space optimization and the subsequent time saving, with a saving of 20 mm of space per module and an installation process about five times faster than with a traditional fastening solution.

Richard Petri, Business Development Manager at ARaymond Energies*, said: “This is the first time the PowAR Snap® 90B is to be used on such a large scale. This contract is the result of ARaymond Energies strategy of addressing large utilities projects.”

The PowAR Snap® 90B is also being used by a number of customers in Europe, United States and South Africa.






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