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Victron 10A 12V/24V Bluesolar Pwm-Light Controller

 BlueSolar PWM-Light
Load output with low battery voltage disconnect function.
Lighting control function, one timer only.
Two digit seven segment display for quick and easy setting of the load output functionality, including timer setting.
Three stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, float), not programmable.
Load output protected against over load and short circuit.
Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar array and/or battery.
Day/night timing options: see manual for details

BlueSolar PWM-Light 12/24-10
Battery Voltage 12/24 V with automatic system voltage detection
Rated charge current 10A
Automatic load disconnect Yes
Maximum solar voltage 28V / 55V (1)
Self-consumption < 10 mA
Load output Manual control + low voltage disconnect
Protection Battery reverse polarity (fuse) Output short circuit Over temperature
Overload protection Shut down after 60 s in case of 130% load
Shut down after 5 s in case of 160% load
Short circuit: immediate shut down
Grounding Common positive
Operating temp. range -20 to +50°C (full load)
Humidity (non-condensing) Max 95%
Charge voltage 'absorption' 14.2V / 28,4V
Charge voltage 'float' 13.8V / 27,6V
Low voltage load disconnect 11,2V / 22,4V
Low voltage load reconnect 12,6V / 25,2V (manual)
13,1V / 26,2V (automatic)
Protection class  IP20
Terminal size  5 mm² / AWG10
Weight  0,15kg
Dimensions (h x w x d) 70 x 133 x 33,5 mm
IEC  IEC 62109-1
EMC EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, ISO 7637-2


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