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LandStar EU Datasheet
LandStar EU Manual

Epsolar Landstar 0512EU 5A PWM Charge Controller - 12V
Part No: EP-LS0512EU
Storage Systems - PWM Charge Controller

The LS-EU economic solar controller is new member of LandStar family and ideal for small solar system especially home system and off grid applications.
Based on the LS-E series, LS-EU series add a +5V/1.2A USB terminal output which can charge mobile phones, supply power to fans and other electronic device.
 * High efficient Series PWM charging, increase battery lifetime and improve solar system performance
 * Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
 * Intuitive LED indicators showing battery voltage status
 * Gel, Sealed, and Flooded battery type optional
 * Manual control the output of the load
 * Temperature compensation, correct charging and discharging parameters automatically
 * Humanized  Key, more comfortable and convenient
 * Industrial grade design


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