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Epsolar Tracer 3210CN 30A MPPT Charge Controller - 12V/24V
Part No: EP-TRACER2210CN
Storage Systems - MPPT Charge Controller
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Tracer BN series is EPsolar’s second generation of MPPT controller. Compared with CLASSIC Tracer series, it has extensive communication ability. And the die-cast aluminum design ensures excellent heat dispersion.

Compared to conventional PWM controller, MPPT technology increases the charge efficiency up to 30% and potentially decrease the power of solar array needed.

Maximum conversion efficiency of 98%
Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power points
Wide MPP operating voltage range
Die-cast aluminum design, ensuring excellent heat dissipation characteristic
Multiple load control modes: manual control, light ON/OFF, light On+Timer and time control.
Battery temperature compensation function.
Real-time energy statistics function.
PV short circuit  protection
PV over current protection
PV reverse polarity protection
Battery over voltage protection
Battery over discharge protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
Load overload protection
Load short circuit protection
Battery overheating protection
Controller overheating protection

Epsolar Tracer 3210CN 30A MPPT Charge Controller - 12V/24V
Weight 1.64 kg
Min PPT Voltage 14 V
Max PPT Voltage 72 V
DC Startup Voltage 14 V
DC Shutdown Voltage 14 V
Max Input Voltage 100 V
Max DC Power 792 W
Max DC Current: 30 A
Max DC Inputs 1
Has DC Fuses 0
Connector Tr
Included Connectors 0
MPPT Trackers 1
Has Integrated DC Switch No






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