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  100 Watt Floodlight and High-Bay

100 Watt Floodlight & High-Bay Information:
Item: SP100FL modular
Material Aluminium Heat Sink / Steel Bracket
Operating voltage 100 - 280V AC
Wattage 100 Watt
Power Factor: 0.97
IP rating: 65
Colour Temperature: 6000K
CRI: >80
SMD Led: Bridgelux3030
Luminous Flux: 14000lm
Warranty: 5 Years
Meanwell Driver Features:
Constant Voltage + Constant Current mode output
Metal housing design with functional Ground
Built - in active PFC function
No load / Standby power consumption < 0.5W
IP67 / IP65 rating for indoor or outdoor installations
Function options : output adjustable via potentiometer; DALI
Typical lifetime > 50000 hours
5 Year Warranty
LED street lighting
LED architectural lighting
LED bay lighting
LED floodlighting
Type "HL" for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous (Classified) location.