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5.1Kw AC solar panel panel kit for sale in South Africa.
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Total load per day: 5.1Kw
This Solar system can store 1.8 units of electricity in the batteries @ 50.0% DOD.
The Solar Panels produce in 5 full "sun hours" up to 3.30 units of electricity.
This solar panel kit is made up of the following components:.
Description Qty
330Wp CNBM Solar Panel 2
Synapse 2.4kW 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1
150Ah GEL-VRLA Deep cycle Battery 2
MC4 Single Cable Connector (Male + Female) 1
MC4 T Branch Connector (Male + Female) 1
6.0mm Red Solar wire 15m
6.0mm Black Solar wire 15m
2pcs 3m Galvanized Rail Optional
8pcs PowAR Snap 90* Clips for rails Optional
1pcs Combiner box with Protection Optional





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