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Name:200Ah GEL-VRLA Allgrand Battery

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The 200Ah GEL-VRLA Allgrand Battery uses a gel electrolyte material that is non-flammable, so it's safe for any application.

 Allgrand 200ah Battery is The Highest quality Deep Cycle Battery on the market. You can depend on our batteries for Longevity, Performance, and Reliability. The batteries have been rigorously tested to ensure high reliability and excellent performance under a wide variety of operating conditions.

 The Allgrand 200ah Battery is specifically designed for commercial applications. It's a premium battery product that features outstanding starting power and long life. Featuring high-energy-density calcium technology, the sleek design of the Allgrand 200ah Battery helps deliver an optimal mix of performance, power, and protection.

Allgrand Battery is a brand that focuses on providing high-quality, dependable, and safe battery products for the South African market… all at an affordable price. We are the exclusive agent in South Africa for Allgrand Battery product range. The 200ah Allgrand High-Performance Gel Battery with AGM technology offers premium performance and reliability at an affordable price. Suitable for most 12, 24, and 48 Volt DC systems, this Allgrand 200ah battery is maintenance-free for longer life.

        General Features
  • Wide operating temperature range from -25°C to 45°C
  • Sealed and maintenance-free operation
  • Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life (9 months at 25°C)
  • ABS containers and covers
  • No memory effect, thick flat plate with high Tin low Calcium alloy
  • Absorptive Glass Mat Technology (AGM System)
  • Safety valve installation for explosion-proof
  • Long Service Life, Float or Cyclic
  • Solar Systems (Off-grid).
  • UPS and computer standby power supply.
  • Medical treatment equipment, Alarm system.
  • Fire fighting equipment standby power supply.
  • Ship Equipment, Military Equipment.
  • Telecommunication system, Railway stations.

Specifications 200Ah GEL-VRLA Allgrand Battery
Brand Name: Allgrand
Model Number 6-CNFJ-200/12V200Ah
Voltage: 12V
Nominal Capacity: 200Ah
Battery type: GEL-VRLA
Maintenance Type: Free
Dimensions (L W H) 521 X 240 X 220mm
Weight: 60kg
Nominal Capacity: 100Ah
Warranty: 1 Years
Capacity (25?)
10Hr(20A,1.75V) 200Ah
5Hr?31A,1.75V 186Ah
3Hr(28.33A,1.75V) 170Ah
1Hr(120A,1.70V) 120Ah

Since 1987 Allgrand has been a reliable manufacturer of battery storage technologies. Founded in the tradition of Shandong, China, one of the members involved in the invention of the lead-acid battery, Allgrand today has a rich portfolio of Energy Storage Systems that include Specialized Customer-specific Battery Systems to the industry-leading in both lithium-ion and lead-acid solutions. Through the integration of a spin-off of the German and Malta partnership, the company has evolved from a traditional battery producer into one of the first developers and manufacturers of lithium-ion cells in Europe.