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Brand: Allgrand
Name: 50Ah GEL-VRLA Allgrand Battery
Battery Model  6CNFJ-50 / 12V50Ah
Approx Weight: 15.80Kg ±3%
Internal Resistance: 9.3mΩ
Self Discharge: ≤ 2% per month (25ºC)
Technology: Gel-VRLA
Warranty:  1Year

This 50Ah GEL-VRLA Allgrand Battery is most powerful battery on the market it may look small but powerful.
 PDF Datasheet  

Length: 263mm
Width: 165mm
Height: 169mm
Total Height: 172mm
Capacity (25ºC)
50Ah 10Hr(5A,1.75V)
46.5Ah 5Hr (9.3A,1.75V)
42.5Ah 3Hr(14.16A,1.75V)
30Ah 1Hr(30A,1.70V)
Capacity (25°C)
    10Hr(5A,1.75V) 10Hr(5A,1.75V)
Self Discharge ≤ 2% per month (25°C)
Charge Voltage Cycle Use Float Use
Charge Voltage 25ºC
Cycle Use: 14.2V(-24mV/ºC),max charge current:7.5A
Float Use: 13.5V(-18mV/ºC)
Self Discharge
≤ 2% per month (25°C)