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aluminium solar panel mounting rails south africa pv panel mounting brackets south africa solar panel roof mounting systems south africa






Solar mounting systems for tile roofs in South Africa
solar mounting solutions south africa
  • 6 x 992mm(W) solar panels - Tile roof mounting kit.
  • Orientation: Portrait.
  • Mounting structure for tile roofs.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • High Quality material.

This kit is made up of the following components:.
Click on the picture to enlarge Description  Quantity
solar panel brackets tile roof south africa  Aluminium Rail: Lenght = 6200mm 2
solar panel mounting brackets south africa End Clamp for 35mm or 40mm framed panels 4
solar panel mounting kits roof south africa Mid Clamp for 36mm to 46mm framed panels 10
solar panel mounting rails south africa Roof hook including woodscrews, side fix rail (38mm batten size) 8
solar panel railing systems south africa Circular generic ground washer 2






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