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Dyness 9.6kWh 48V LiFePO4 Power Box, South Africa.

Battery Type:  LiFePO4
Battery Capacity (Amp): 200
Battery Energy (kWh): 9.6Kw
Working Voltage: 48V
Calendar Life (Cycles) 6000

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         Features and advantages Dyness Powerbox

  • Compact Size & Light Weight
  • High Power Output & Usable Energy Ratio
  • Modular Design & Expandable System
  • Safest Battery & Perfect Compatibility
  • Natural cooling & Easy Installation
  • Certifications Available
         9.6Kw Dyness Powerbox
  • Adopts LiFePO4 chemistry battery with safety performance and long life time,which offers you four capacities to meet your more requirements.
  • TUV Certified CEC Accred ited
  • Flexible Expansion
  • IP65 Protection
LiFePO4 chemistry battery has been widely recognized as one of the safest battery. LiFePO4 batteries are in use in a number of applications: Powerbox are perfectly working with leading inverter brand below?

LiFePO4 chemistry features stable structures andits thermal runaway temperature is over 480 degree.

That’s 100% higher than other Li-ion chemistry battery.

It’s designed for residential and commercial applications with absolute safety.

ESS – Energy Storage System (ESS) for Frequency regulation, renewable energy integration with solar and wind, micro gird application, telecom application and back up power

EV – Electrical Vehicles (EV) in transportation area.
HESS – It has been widely applied to distributed, stationary energy storage like Home Energy Storage System (HESS) now.

Lux Power
SMA & Deye (Under testing)
Dyness 9.6kWh 48V LiFePO4 Power Box
Battery Type: LiFePO4
Battery Module: 4 Modules
Battery Capacity (Amp): 200Amp
Nominal Battery Energy (kWh): 9.6Kw
Max Output Power (kWh): 4.8kWh
Peak Output Current (Amp): 200, 3s
Net Weight (Kg): 113
Dimension (H*W*D, mm): 928*555*210mm
Working Voltage: 48V
Operating Temp. Range: 20 - 50
Calendar Life (Cycles): 6000
Nominal Voltage (V): 48V
Protection Level: Level IP65
Compatible Inverters:  Goodwe Victron Imeon Solis Luxpower Growatt GMDE Sofar Voltronic Deye More brands will be announced
Warranty: 10 Years
Warranty Document Supplied: Yes
Color: White
Alarms: Overdischarge Overcurrent Overtemperature Short Circuit
Pros Can be used in both off-grid and hybrid setups, compact design, modular expansion
Monitoring & Protection: Each module has BMS, breaker embedded in system














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