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High quality 335 Watt JA Solar panels for sale in South Africa.


JA Solar 335W Poly 72 (6 x 12)
A Grade JA Solar Panels
Panels - Polycrystallines CNBM Solar
SKU: JA335

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Poly 335W Module
JAP72S01 315-335/SC Series
This time-tested legacy module series has been proven to be one of the powerful and most reliable products offered by JA Solar and the most popular choice by PV system installers and customers around world.

Cell Poly
Weight 22kg±3%
Dimensions 1960mm × 991mm × 40mm
Cable Cross Section Size 4mm²
No. of cells 72(6x12)
Junction Box IP67, 3 diodes
Connector MC4 Compatible(1000V) QC 4.10-35(1500V)
Packaging Configurat 27 Per Pallet
TYPE JAP72S01-335/SC
Rated Maximum Power(Pmax) 335W
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 46.7V
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) 37.83V
Short Circuit Current(Isc) 9.35A
Maximum Power Current(Imp) 8.87A
Module Efficiency [%] 17.2%
Power Tolerance 0~+5W
Temperature Coefficient of Isc(α_Isc) +0.058%
Temperature Coefficient of Voc(β_Voc) -0.330%
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax(γ_Pmp) -0.400%
STC Irradiance 1000W/m²,cell temperature 25?, AM1.5G


TYPE TYPE    JAP72S01-335/SC
Rated Max Power(Pmax) 248W
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)-0.400% 43.63V
Max Power Voltage(Vmp) 35.21V
Short Circuit Current(Isc) 7.46A
Max Power Current(Imp) 7.04A
NOCT Irradiance 800W/m², ambient temperature 20Deg, wind speed 1m/s, AM1.5G
Product Warranty 12 Years
Linear power output warranty 25 Years



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