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Brand: MC4
Name: MC4 Connector


1 X MC4 Single Cable Connector = 1 X Male + 1 X Female.

The MC4 Solar Connector are used to connector solar cable that are exposed to the weather.
When locked, the male and female MC4 Solar Panel Connector contacts are sealed against water and dust.
Minimize the chance of wrong solar panel connections.

* Simple, quick, safe and effective filed assembly.
* Develop independently, innovative design, have independent intellectual property rights, adaptive to MC4 connector directly.
* High mechanical endurance.
* High current and voltage carrying: 30A, 1,000DC.
* Low transition resistance.
* Innovative sealed, waterproof, dust resistance design: IP67.
* Excellent plastic material, UL 94-V0, wide temperature range: -40°c to 90°c, weather and UV resistant for long-time outdoor application.
* Approved by ETL and TUV.

* Push the crimped contact into the socket resp. Plug insulator until it engages. Pull lightly on the lead to check that the metal part has engaged.
* Screw on the cable gland, hand-tight, with the tools PV-STX, tightening torque about: 2.2 Nm.
* Mount the connector together until they engage. Check correct engagement by pulling on the coupling.
* Compress the two snap-in springs by hand or with the PV-STX tool and separate the coupling.




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