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The MC4 Branch Connecter is used for safe and simple parallel or series connection of PV-modules.

* Simple, quick, safe and effective filed assembly
* Develop independently, innovative design, have independent intellectual property rights, adaptive to MC4 connector directly
* High mechanical endurance
* High current and voltage carrying: 30A, 1,000DC
* Low transition resistance
* Innovative sealed, waterproof, dust resistance design: IP67
* Excellent plastic material, UL 94-V0, wide temperature range: -40°c to 90°c, weather and UV resistant for long-time outdoor application
* Approved by ETL and TUV

* Push the crimped contact into the socket resp. Plug insulator until it engages. Pull lightly on the lead to check that the metal part has engaged
* Screw on the cable gland, hand-tight, with the tools PV-STX, tightening torque about: 2.2 Nm
* Mount the connector together until they engage. Check correct engagement by pulling on the coupling
* Compress the two snap-in springs by hand or with the PV-STX tool and separate the coupling