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  Pylontech Pylon US3000 Brackets (pair).

Pylontech Mounting Brackets for US3000 batteries. In the box there is a set for 1 battery.A set of battery brackets which allows vertical stacking of the Pylon battery unit. 1 set required per additional US3000 battery added.

Brand Name: Pylontech
Model:  3.5Kw Pylon US3000
Dimensions (cm) 52H x 37L x 6W
Weight:  3kg


Pylontech Mounting bracket set of 2.
The mounting kit is made by Pylontech, it is a genuine part that keep multiple batteries in one pile. It is an essential accessories because it improves the cooling of the batteries and allows easy circulation of air around the batteries. 
NOTICE: We do not recommend stacking batteries one on top of the other without the brackets. 
Compatibility: US23000 PLUS
Set of 2 mounting brackets suitable for 1pcs Pylontech US3000 battery.




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2024-04-18 15:32:39 Graham
I need 3 sets please