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GDLite Solar Lighting System

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This is a portable solar lighting system, which can be used for Load-Shedding as well as camping and the outdoors.
It can provide power for many low voltage electrical appliances, DC LED's, Mobile phones and other digital products.
This awesome little bundle got a whole lot better! and right in time for the holiday season!

  • Broad Voltage Range 110-240,50/60hz
  • Charging Time 10-12h
  • DC 6V Output (Can charge up to 4 bulbs at a time)
  • Easy to use
  • 3 Bulbs included
  • Multi-charger provided

Rechargeable Digital Lighting Solar System Kit

Multi-function mini solar home lighting system
Solar panel: 9V 3.5W
Built-in 6V 4ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery
Input voltage range: 220-240V (50/60Hz)
Charging times between 10 – 12 hours
3 x Led bulb lights
12 Piece SMD LED Side Light for extra illumination
2 x Front Spot lights
Charges mobile phones and other portable devices
USB Charging cable for multiple devices

Comes With:
Solar Charge Main Box with SMD LED Side Lamp & 2 Front Spotlights, Rechargeable Battery, Solar Panel, 3 SMD LED Bulbs, Mobile Charging Cables, AC Charging Wire

Package Includes:
1 x Complete Digital Lighting Solar System Kit

Ideal for:
Most suitable for indoor use, can be used as lighting for traveling, camping, outdoor work and other emergency lighting, can also be used as a portable back-up power / charger to charge mobile phones, camera, mp3, DV, mp4, PsP, iPod and more