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EWA A116 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Speaker features:

  • Excellent quality, metal body, with independent intellectual property rights and brand.
  • It has better sound quality and bass function.
  • The battery is durable, fast charging time.
  • Strong compatibility, compatible with all types of mobile phones, tablets PCs, desktop computers.
  • Bluetooth connection is quick and the connection distance is far.
  • Easy to carry, stylish appearance.


  • Audio A116 will shut down automatically without any operates in 5 minutes.
  • Audio A116 should turn into Bluetooth pairing mode search and pair with previous devices automatically.
  • Next/Prev. button is not available under Aux-in mode.
  • Do not use the speaker with water around it.
  • Please clean the speaker only use dry towels.
  • Do not put the speaker close to open-flames such as lighted candles.
  • It is a duty to protect the environment while you are considering drop the speaker, especially the battery inside.
  • The speaker could only use in mild climate conditions; speaker does not contain any component which could be fixed by users
EWA A116 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker