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Contact Solar Panel Energy today!  5kw Growatt / GEL - VRLA Battery Kit: 01
PV Array Power:    1980W (Peak hours)
Power available in batteries :    4.8KW (4800 Watts) @ 50.0% DOD
Panels produce in 5 full "sun hours" up to:   7.92KW (with 20% Systems Losses)
Inverter Power:    5KW or 5000 Watts
Voltage:    48V






  • We do not install we only supply Solar products.
  • We can however help find you an installer.
  • Installation & delivery is not included.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
During the day, the solar panels can produce up to 1.980 kW's in full sunlight (6 x 380W = 1980W). Assuming 5 full "sun hours" in a day you would produce over 7.92 units of electricity.
The panels will first charge the batteries and after that will add whatever power they can produce to your grid, so you may be able to run off up to 100% solar power during daylight hours, depending on weather conditions.

% DOD - Depth of Discharge, is used to describe how deeply the battery is discharged.
If we say a battery is 100% fully charged, it means the DOD of this battery is 0%,

If we say the battery have delivered 50% of its energy, here are 50% energy reserved, we say the DOD of this battery is 50%.
Higher values imply deeper discharge and shorter battery life.

This load shedding kit is made up of the following components:.
SKU: Description Click to see Quantity
330CN 330W CNBM Poly Solar Panel (A-Grade) Product link 6
GW5 5Kw 48V Growatt SPF5000TL HVM with Wi-Fi Product link 1
AG200 200Ah Allgrand GEL-VRLA battery Product link 4
W6R 6.0mm Red Solar wire Product link 60m
W6B 6.0mm Black Solar wire Product Link 60m
GR1 6m Galvanized Rail - 0.8mm (25x11mm Slots) Product Link 2
PS1 PowAR Snap 90B Clip Product Link 24
RTB Roof Tile Bracket - For use with traditional Roman tiles Product Link 10
FD160 Fuse switch disconnector Size 00 160A 3P Product Link 1
100DF 100A 500V Din Fuse 100NHG000B Product Link 2
5SLVCB 5 String Low Voltage Combiner Box Web page comming soon 1
MC4 MC4 Single Cable Connector (Male + Female) Product Link 6
BC2 150mm L/35mm Grey Battery cable with lugs Product Link 3
BC7 450mm L/35mm Grey Battery cable with lugs Product Link 2
BC15 1500mm L/35mm Grey Battery cable with lugs Product Link 2









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