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250Ah GEL-VRLA Allgrand Battery, South Africa

Amp Hours. 250Ah
Rated Voltage: 12V
Weight 69.5kg
Brand: Allgrand Battery
Design Life: 10 years (depending on usage)

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250Ah Allgrand AGM-Gel batteries combine the advantage of AGM technology and polymer gel technology. The separator material of our AGM-gel battery is an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat). With the polymer gel technology, AGM-gel battery provides more capacity at low temperature and reduced water-loss at high temperature. Our AGM-Gel batteries also have good large current performance due to our advanced German engineering techniques.
   General Features
  • Wide operating temperature range from ?25°C to 45°C
  • Sealed and maintenance free operation.
  • Low self - discharge rate and long shelf life (9 months at 25°C).
  • ABS containers and covers.
  • No memory effect, thick flat plate with high Tin low Calcium alloy.
  • Absorptive Glass Mat Technology (AGM System).
  • Safety valve installation for explosion proof.
  • Long Service Life, Float or Cyclic.


  • Solar Systems (Off-grid).
  • UPS and computer standby power supply.
  • Medical treatment equipment, Alarm system.
  • Fire fighting equipment standby power supply.
  • Ship Equipment, Military Equipment.
  • Telecommunication system, Railway stations


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