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 ZJBeny PV DC Fuse Holder 1000V 32A 10X38mm

Brand Name: ZJBeny
Rated Working Voltage Ue: 1000V DC
Rated Current In:  30 A
Fuse Size: 10 x 38 mm
Weight: 0.07kg Per pole
Wire: 2.5mm2~25

Note does not include fuses.
Finger safe touch DC fuse holder BR-30 voltage is 1000V, the 10X38mm fuse link max current is 30A.
15A fuse link is used mostly in the fuse holder to protect the solar string from over current. fuse holder with LED indicator shows working situation of inside fuse. The fuse over current protection is very important to the solar PV systems safety. 1500V fuse holder with 10*38mm fuse link is available, for 1500V combiner box positive and negative input.
Electrical Characteristics
Pole 1P
According to IEC 60947-3
Rated Working Voltage Ue: 1000V DC
Rated Current In:  30 A
Breaking Capacity: 20KA
Max Power Dissipation: 3W
Wire: 2.5mm2~25
Terminal Screws: M5
Torque:  2.5Nm
Degree of Protection: IP20
Operating State/Fault Indication Indicator Light OFF/Indicator Light ON
Fuse Size: 10x38 mm
Operating Temperature Range     TU: -30ºC~+70ºC
For Mounting On: TH35-7.5/DIN35
Pollution Degree: 3
Relative Humidity:  +20ºC≤ 95%,+40ºC≤50%
Weight: 0.07kg Per pole
Installation Class: III