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 30A A-Series 12/24V PWM Skyking Controller with USB

Charge Type:  PWM
Max. charge current: 30A
Voltage: 12V/24
Make: Skyking
Max. Input Voltage of solar panel: 55V

Why do you need a solar charge controller?
A solar charge controller (frequently called regulator) is similar to a regular battery charger, i.e. it regulates the current flowing from the solar panel into the battery bank to avoid overcharging the batteries. (If you don't need to understand the why's, scroll to the end for a simple flow chart). As with a regular quality battery charger, various battery types are accommodated, the absorption voltage, float voltage can be selectable and sometimes the time periods and/or the tail current are also selectable. They are especially suited for lithium-iron-phosphate batteries as once fully charged the controller then stays at the set float or holding voltage of around 13.6V (3.4V per cell) for the remainder of the day.
The most common charge profile is the same basic sequence used on a quality mains charger, i.e. bulk mode > absorption mode > float mode.

What does a PWM solar charge controller do?
Solar charge controllers, also known as solar charge regulators, monitor the condition of your battery according to the power generated by your solar panels. A solar charge controller will determine when to disconnect or reconnect your battery to its power source according to voltage readings. Many contain digital screens to keep you informed of the charge status of your battery.

Solar Charge Controller.
Charge Type:  PWM
System Voltage: 12V/24
Max. charge current: 30A
Max. Input Voltage of solar panel: 55V
Max. discharge current: 20A
Self-consumption: 10mA
LVD: 11.0V ADJ 9V....12V; .2/24V
LVR: 12.6V ADJ 11V....13.5V, .2/24V
Float Voltage: 13.8V ADJ 13V....15V; .2/24V
Boost charging: 14.4V ; x2/24V; Battery Voltage less than 12Vstart boost charging 2 hours
Battery Over Voltage Protection: 16.5V ; x 2/24V
Reverse Connection Protection: Yes
Load Over Current Protection: Yes, each two minutes restart once
Dimensions: 88mm x 160mm x 37mm
Weight: 230g Weight: 230g
Warranty: 1Year