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1000W 100Ah 12V Portable solar system

Rated power(W): 1000W
Model Number:  BT-1000W
Battery rated voltage(VDC): 12V
Battery: 100Ah
Solar Panels: NO
8kW Deye Sunsynk Hybrid PV Inverter_2020 Datasheet


This Kit includes

  • 1 x 1000W 12V Portable solar system.
  • 1 x 100Ah 12V 102Ah Battery.


  • Informal settlements.
  • Portable charging station.
  • Small 12V appliances.
  • Camping.

Product Features

  • Excellent performance thanks to intelligent Double CPU power technology.
  • A wide range of loads available due to the pure sine wave AC output.
  • The power mode / energy-saving mode / battery mode can be set to be versatile
  • Practical, comfortable 5VDC-USB output port and 12VDC output port
  • Digital LCD and LEDs for visualizing the equipment's operating status
  • Overcharge protection and over discharge protection for a longer battery life.
  • Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control.
  • Overall automatic protection and alarms including AC output overload protection. short circuit protection. etc.
  • A wide range of loads applicable due to the pure sine wave AC output.
  • The power supply mode / energy-saving mode / battery mode can be set to allow flexibility.


  • Rated power(W): 1000W
  • Input voltage range: (VAC)160-275VAC
  • Input frequency Hz): 45Hz-65Hz
  • Output voltage(VAC): 110VAC/220VAC
  • Output frequency(Hz): 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output wave: Pure Sine Wave
  • Specification of built-in battery: 1*100AH/12V
  • Communication: RS232

Solar input

  • Max. PV voltage(VDC): ≤25
  • Range of charging voltage(VDC): 10-25
  • Controller rated charge current(A) PWM: 30A
  • Voltage for overcharge protection(VDC): 14.2V
  • Voltage for overcharge  recovery(VDC): 14.0V
  • Solar input power range: 160W/180W two pcs in parallel

DC output

  • Voltage for high voltage protection(VDC): 16V
  • High voltage recovery voltage(VDC): 15.2V
  • Low voltage  recovery voltage(VDC): 12.6V
  • Low voltage protection voltage(VDC): 11V
  • 5VDC USB output:  2units /MAX 2A
  • 12VDC output ports: 2units/MAX 2A
  • Heat dissipation/Cooling: Temperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
  • Operating ambient temperature:  -20 - +50°C
  • Storage ambient temperature: -25 - +55°C
  • Operating/Storage ambient: 0-90% No condensation
  • External size?W*D*H(mm):  423×260×453
  • Package size?W*D*H(mm):  520×370×520