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Brand: Revov
Name: 10.2kWh Revov 2nd LiFe 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery
Revov 2nd LiFe 200Ah 10.2kWh LiFePO4 Battery energy storage system is a Lithium Iron Phosphate based system utilising 2nd LiFe Electric Vehicle batteries to provide backup in South Africa.
Brand Name: Revov
Model Number: SYS-2LiFE-R9-200-10.2
Voltage: 48V
Nominal Capacity: 4.5Kwh
Capacity: 53Kg
Battery Capacity: 200Ah
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Datasheet-Revov 2nd LiFe 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery REVOV-10 year-warranty letter for South-Africa v33

Nominal Specifications
Voltage Window[V]: 51.2 (25.6 x 2) (In Series).
Capacity: 200Ah.
Energy: 10.240kWh
Storage Charge: Every 6 months
Electrical Specifications
Voltage window: 40 - 60V
Float Charge Voltage: 54.4V.
Boost Charge Voltage: 55.5V.
Bulk Charge Voltage: 54.4V
Battery Disconnect: 54.4V
Recharge Time (Hours): 2 @ 0.5°C
Operating Conditions
Lifetime @ 25°C: 10+ years.
Cycle life [90% DOD @ 25°C] 3500 Cycles
Operating temperature: Charge :0~+50°C; / Discharge: -20~+55°C.
Transport regulation compliance: UN3840. Transport regulation compliance: UN3840.
Protection Class: IP20. Protection Class: IP20.
Warranty: 10yrs or 3500 cycles at 1 cycle per day (whichever arrives first).
BMS Dimensions & Weight.
Width: 483mm.
Height: 42mm.
Depth: 280mm.
Weight: 3.6kg
Battery Dimensions & Weight.
Width: 442mm.
Height: 170mm
Depth: 563mm.
Weight: 53kg.

































Industrial Vision.

  • REVOV 2nd LiFe batteries have been developed and qualified to suit the demanding requirements of performance and operational reliability of our customers in South Africa.
  • Cell manufacturing is carried out on established industrial production lines.
  • Manufacturing plants comply with the legislation in force in each country and with international quality standards IS09001 Qs9000.
  • Re-purposing of EV batteries is the only way to reduce environmental impact.

The REVOV 2nd LiFe 51.2V energy storage system is a Lithium Iron Phosphate based system utilising 2nd LiFe Electric Vehicle batteries to provide backup, primary and secondary power in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility applications where daily cycling of the system is required.
The system offers unrivalled value in terms of Life Cycle cost and Capital outlay, with class leading energy density, life time, cycle life and high temperature performance

Battery Management System Function

  • Cell and battery voltage detection.
  • Battery charge and discharge control.
  • Cell, ambient and MOS temperature detection.
  • Battery capacity and number of cycles.
  • MOSFET charge and discharge.
  • Equalization of single cells intelligently.
  • Rs458 communication interface.
  • Watchdog protection for circuits to ensure safe operation.
  • Data storage.
Battery management system function
  • Charge and Discharge Current.
  • Hardware protection.
  • Discharge control.
  • Charge control.
  • Cell voltage detects.
  • Cell balance.
  • Temperatures detect.
  • PACK voltage detects.
  • Fault alarm.
  • Cell sample lines.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Can identify large capacitance.
  • Capacity of the display.
  • Communication (RS485).


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4).
  • Supports parallel connection.
  • Lifetime exceeds 10 years 25°C.
  • External BMS (48V).
  • Lighter than Lead Acid or Gel alternatives.
  • No active cooling required


  • Best cost per cycle in South Africa.
  • Safest Lithium-ion Chemistry.
  • Excellent temperature resilience.