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Total PV Array Power: 2 960 watts (Peak hours)
PV Est daily production: 11.84kWh
Battery storage 9.6kwh Dyness
Inverter: 5Kw Deye Inverter
System Voltage 48Volt

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Total PV array power (peak hours)
2 940 Watts
During the day, the solar panels "can" produce in 5.0 full sun hours with 20% systems losses
Battery power available @ 80% DOD - 5.60kwh
This Diy solar panel kit is made up of the following components

SKU: Description Quantity
5DEYE 5kW Deye Hybrid Inverter 1
370CN 370Wp CNBM Mono Solar Panel (A-Grade) 8
DYN1 9.6Kw Dyness Li-Ion Power Box (4pcs 2.4kw) 1
2SHVCB 2 String High Voltage Combiner Box 1
GR1 6m Galvanized Rail - 0.8mm (25x11mm Slots) 2
GR2 3m Galvanized Rail - 0.8mm (25x11mm Slots) 2
PS1 PowAR Snap 90B Clip 32
W6R 6mm Red Solar panel wire 40m
W6B 6mm Black Solar panel wire 40m
MC4 MC4-1 Single Cable Connector 2
FD160 Fuse switch disconnector Size 00 160A 3P 1
100DF 100A 500V Din Fuse 100NHG000B 2
BC08 500mm L/35mm Grey Battery cable with lugs 2