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Brand: Synapse
Name: 600W 12V Synapse UPS Inverter
Inverter Output: 600W
System Voltage: 12V DC
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Surge Rating (20ms): 1800w
Maximum Charge Current: 600W
Warranty:  2Year



The 600W 12V Synapse UPS Inverter  is designed to work and protect electronic appliances and serves as a backup device in extremely hostile power environments. 

It comes with an AC input that allows the battery bank to be charged through the grid (cable included). An extra wide input AVR conserves battery for added security.

Includes a multi-stage surge suppressor which can protect from surges and spikes.

The UPS unit does not come with Solar capabilities. 

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Smart LCD setting ( frequency, charge voltage, charge current, etc)
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Battery reverse polarity protection (Optional)
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Cold start function
  • PLEASE NOTE - Fan is very loud and comes on frequently; generally during charge
Inverter Output: 600W
Default Battery System Voltage: 12V DC
Surge Rating (20ms): 1800w
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Voltage: 230V AC (+/- 2% RMS), AVR 195V AC - 245V AC
Inverter Efficiency (Peak): >75%
Bypass Efficiency: >95%
Output Transfer Time: 6ms 10ms (Max)
Minimum Start Voltage:  Low Battery Voltage Cutoff +0,5V
Low Battery Alarm:  Low Batter Voltage Cutoff +1V
Low Battery Cuttoff: 10 ~ 12V DC
High Battery Cutoff: Nominal Voltage +0,5V
AC Charge:
Floating Voltage: 13,5 / 13,6 / 13,7V DC
Nominal Voltage: 13.8 ~ 14,5V
Maximum Charge Current: 600W  

















Bypass & Protection:
Input Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Input Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Low Frequency Trip: 45+ / -0.2Hz
Low Frequency Trip: 65+ /0.2Hz
Overload Protection: 110% ~ 125% R Load fault after 30S 125% ~ 150% R Load fault after 3s > 150% R Load fault after 500ms
Over Temperature Protection: > 90°C
Bypass Output Protection: 10A 250V AC
Output Circuit Protection: YES
Mechanical Specification:
Dimensions: 385 x 325 x 190mm 
Weight: 8kg 
Shipping Dimensions: 420 x 385 x 225mm