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Categories: Solar Power Kits, Deye 8kw, 9.6Kw Dyness, 330W Solar Panel

Power your business or home by the sun with this full solar PV installation kit with a Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter and Dyness 9.6kWh Lithium-ion Battery Power Box. The kit comes with high-quality CNBM 330W Polycrystalline solar panels and a backup battery system to store energy for later use. The battery backs up the power provided by the solar energy when there is less sun during the day.

This system, featuring our Dyness 9.6kWh Lithium-ion battery, is designed to run your home or business by replacing Eskom's dirty coal energy with clean solar power.

The Deye Solar Power System combines Advanced Design and Technology to create a simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly means of power generation for your home or business. The 8kW Deye with the Dyness 9.6kWh Lithium-ion Battery Power Box systems is the ideal choice for powering your everyday office needs.


PV Array:
 32 x 330w Solar Panels.
Total PV Array Power:
10 560W (10.56KW).
PV Calculation = 5.0 full sun hours – minus 20% losses.
42,24kw (5.0 full sun hours)


Battery Brand:
 9.6Kw Dyness Li-Ion Power Box (4pcs 2.4kw)
Total Battery Capacity:
Battery power available @ 80% DOD:
7.68kwh @ 80% DOD


PV Array:
42,24kwh (per day)
Battery power
7.68kwh (per day)
Total Est daily production.
49.92kwh (per day)


This Solar Panel Kit is made up of the following components.
8kw deye inverter: Sine wave energy inverter, off grid solar inverters, solar charge controller,led street light controller, grid tie inverters, off-grid solar inverters. 8DEYE Deye 8kW Hybrid Inverter 1
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