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Datasheet _Longi Solar 450w

General Information.
Longi Solar.
Model ID: LR4-72HPH-450M.

The LONGi HPH Series combines High Efficiency, Low LID Mono PERC cells with Half-cut Technology to improve performance and boost production. This module series has a max system voltage of 1500V and a UL Type 4 Fire Rating. 35mm frames reduce weight while still providing the strength and resilience needed to rate 5400Pa for front side static loading and 2400Pa for rear side static loading. LR4-72HPH-450M- Longi Solar 450w Mono Half-Cell PERC Solar Panel provides high reliability, production efficiency, and higher power output along with lower hot spot temperature because of low working current.Reduced hot spot risk with optimized electrical design and lower operating current. The Longi Solar 450W Mono half-cell PERC solar panel is an excellent all-rounder that can be used for a variety of purposes. The panel utilizes a blend of monocrystalline cells and polycrystalline cells to merge the best characteristics of each cell into one panel. This creates a product that has a high tolerance for shading, great durability, and increased efficiency when compared to traditional mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline solar panels. The Longi Solar 450w Mono Half-Cell PERC Solar Panel is a solar panel system designed for home use in South Africa. This Longi Solar 450w Mono Half-Cell PERC Solar Panel is an excellent choice for increasing the energy output at a residence or business.

Longi Solar 450W Solar Panels are designed to withstand extreme climate conditions and are ETL verified, tested for IEC 61215 Ed.2 standard for safety as well as the fire safety inside a rail container (UN 38.3). Longi Solar 450w Mono Half-Cell PERC Solar Panel is a leading solar panel manufacturer, improving the quality of life through Green Power. The Longi Solar 450w mono solar panel is a high efficient solar panel, with its highest efficiency of up to 21.2%, generates the highest power density in the industry.

Longi Solar 450W Solar Panel Features
Highlights - Positive power tolerance (0~+5W) guaranteed. High module conversion efficiency (up to 20.9%). Slower power degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology: first-year <2%, 0.55% year 2-25. Solid PID resistance ensured by solar cell process optimization and careful module BOM selection. Reduced sensitive loss with a lower operating current. Higher energy yield with lower operating temperature.

Electrical Data
Maximum Power (Pmax/W): 450 Watts.
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V): 49.7Volts.
Short Circuit Current (Isc/A): 11.73Amps.
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V): 41.9Volts.
Current Maximum Power (Imp/A): 10.98Amps.
Module Efficiency: 21.2%.

Mechanical Parameters.
Cell Orientation: 144 (6X24).
Junction Box: IP68, three diodes.
Output Cable: 4mm, 1200mm length can be customized.
Glass Single glass, 3.2mm coated tempered glass.
Frame Anodized: Aluminum Alloy Frame.
Weight 23.3kg.
Dimension 2094 x 1038 x 35mm.

12 Year Materials and Processing Warranty.
25 Year Power.


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