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2String Low Voltage combiner
Whats in The Combiner box.

1 X DC Isolator 600V/63A.
1 X DC Surge / Lightning Protection 600V.
4 X Fuse Holder.
4 X 15A DC Fuses(Depends on costumer requirements)
4 X Easy MC4 Cable Connectors.

Material: PVC, Weatherproof Grade: IP65.
Plug and play,per-connected cable.
Very sturdy organized box to combine your solar panels, make your solar panel system connection easier  

Combiner Box for Solar Panels. The PV combiner box is designed specifically for photovoltaic grid-connected and off-grid power generation system. 2 String Configuration.
Max current of single PV input array is 25A

Additional information:

Length: 25cm.

Width: 21cm.

Height: 11cm.

Mass: 1.6KG




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