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Welcome to our online solar shop with EnerSol solar panels, Microcare MPPT charge controllers, Victron power inverters, Excis batteries and LED tube lightning for all your on grid or off grid needs in South Africa. Solar panel energy is your wholesale partner in South Africa for lowering your cost of supplies without sacrificing quality. Power up your home, farmhouse, warehouse, factory or office block with a Enersol Solar Panel System and start saving money.We also stock the following: Renesola Solar Panels, Enersol Solar panels,Different Size Deep Cycle Solar Batteries, Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Solar Regulators, MPPT Controllers, LED Lights, solar street lights, camping kits and so much more…

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Modified Sine Wave power inverters, Grid Tie Power Inverters and Pure Sine Wave Inverter for sale South Africa and solar inverters south africa.If you are looking for inverters for sale in south africa,then you are in the right place.

Pure sine inverters South Africa - A True Sine Wave power inverter produces cleaner power than Eskom. In Sine wave inverters, the fan or tube lights won’t make any humming noise. Motors run at their intended speed and with less heat, no lines on your TV set and no hum in your sound system.

Grid Tie Inverter South Africa If you are connected to Escom power and just want to add some Free Sun Power electricity to reduce your electric bill and you do not need a totally independent system, it is possible that a Grid Tie power inverter will suit your needs. With a Grid Tie power inverter, whatever electricity that your solar panels produce will reduce the amount supplied by Eskom, in effect lowering your bill. For this type of setup a much smaller battery bank can be installe
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